Master of Science in Business Administration (MBA)

Mission Statement

The mission of AUCI’s Master of Science in Business Administration Program is to prepare ethical and inspirational business leaders as entrepreneurs who will improve their own lives and the lives of individuals in their respective communities, their country as they compete in the global economic environment.

Vision Statement

AUCI’s MBA program’s vision is to promote an environment conducive to student learning. By so doing, AUCI seeks to produce responsible and well-prepared professionals for the global economy.

MBA Goals and Objectives

The Graduate Program in Business Administration at American University of Cote d’Ivoire trains students to become leaders prepared to face the challenges of current multifaceted business environment.  This can be achieved carrying out the following learning goals and objectives:

  • Goal 1: Genuine Learning and Experience; Objective: Evaluate and generate information across functions and/or disciplines in order to appraise business opportunities and make rationale business decisions.
  • Goal 2: Corporate Social Responsibility; Objectives: Examine the influence of a business on its several investors using ethical and consequential approaches; Determine cognizance of the current global regulatory business environment.
  • Goal 3: Global Business Environment; Objectives: Show cultural harmonies and differences in global business activities and duties; Demonstrate active management techniques for cross-cultural business. 
  • Goal 4: Thinking and Analytical Skills acumen for Decision-Making; Objectives: Exhibit and apply suitable research tools to scrutinize business conditions; Assess business environment and predictions to formulate strategies and respond magnificently to glitches, threats, and opportunities.
  • Goal 5: Outstanding Communication and Presentation Talents; Objectives: Produce and communicate a sound, relevant, and proficient quantitative assessment of business information in an effective manner.
  • Goal 6: Collaborative Contribution and Leadership; Objectives: Shrink and apply concepts of operational leadership; Recapitulate and apply concepts of team configuration, process, and motivation (including diversity and inclusiveness) to effectively manage teamwork.