About AUCI:  Mission & Vision


The Mission of AUCI is to empower African youth and all learners to realize their academic and professional passions through American-style higher education based on the values ​​of integrity, quality and efficacy.


The Vision of American University of Cote d’Ivoire is to provide direction in quality, entrepreneurial and innovative education for a diverse population of African youths who will excel in their personal lives and professional careers while upholding an ethical conduct in every endeavor. American University of Cote d’Ivoire will be the leading educational and research institution in Africa and within the context of the global community.

Core Values

Our core values are explicit and very forward:

  • We make sure our students acquire KNOWLEDGE and applicable skills through education and the practical understanding of their subjects.
  • We offer training to our students in such a way that they enjoy lifelong personal and professional SUCCESS.
  • We provide training to our students so that they may SERVE their local communities and contribute to the larger global community.
  • We act with INTEGRITY through trustworthiness, efficiency and reliability.
  • We treat all people with CIVILITY and RESPECT while being sincere and open in our communication.
  • We create an ACCOUNTABILITY culture at all levels of our institution of higher education to uphold its mission.
  • ►AUCI is accreditated by Gouvernment order number 468/MESR/DGESIP/DESUP/KKJ of March 27, 2019 of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.