Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BBA) & Bachelor of Arts in English Applied to Business Administration (BAE)

Students seeking a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration receive training covering the main functional areas of a company: Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Accounting, Management Information System (MIS), Project Management, International Business. This degree program equips students with knowledge in business administration and leadership and equips them with the skills in the above mentioned specializations and other skills required for sustainable employment in the 21st century. This program also equips students with the skills to start and run their own business and thus be job creators themselves. Graduates of the Business Administration program typically find jobs in public or private companies and government and occupy positions in production management, personnel management, marketing management, finance and other corresponding positions.

Bachelor Degree Requirements: 40 Courses (120 Credits), with a 2.0/4.0 Grade Point Average (GPA).
To obtain the Bachelor degree, BAC holders need a total of Forty (40) courses (or 120 credits) with a cumulative GPA or overall average of 2.0 out of 4.0 at the end of their studies.

BTS holders will need between 20-30 courses (that is 60-90 credits) from AUCI to obtain the Bachelor degree.

Number of years to obtain the Bachelor Degree:  BAC holders can obtain the Bachelor degree in three and half (3 and 1/2) to four (4) years,  or in a  MAXIMUM of Five (5) years in case of emergency, with permission from Administration;   BTS holders can obtain the Bachelor degree in One and half (1 and 1/2) to two (2) years, or a MAXIMUM of two and half (2 and 1/2) to three (3) years with permission from Administration, in case of emergency.

English Language Proficiency Requirement: ALL Bachelor degree candidates (Except English majors) MUST demonstrate proficiency in English before the end of their studies. BAC holders MUST take a MINIMUM of ten (10) English courses before the end of their studies; BTS holders MUST take a MINIMUM of six (6) English courses. EXEMPTION: Students who are able to demonstrate proficiency in English may be exempted from the language proficiency requirement.

Business Core Courses – 32 Courses, or 96credits (cr);                                         Concentration/Specialization Courses: 8 Courses, or 24 credits (cr)

  • BBA100- Business English Composition 3 cr
  • BMK101-Principles of Marketing 3 cr
  • BBA101-Introduction to General Psychology 3 cr
  • BST103-Introduction to Statistics 3 cr
  • BBA104-Business Ethics and Social Responsibility 3 cr
  • BBA105-Business Policy and Strategy 3 cr
  • BBA106-Organizational Behavior  3 cr
  • BAC107-Principles of Accounting I 3 cr
  • BAC108-Principles of Accounting II  3 cr
  • BMB109-Money and Banking  3 cr
  • BBA110-Entrepreneurship Management 3 cr
  • BHR111Introduction to Human Resource Management 3cr
  • BQM112-Principles of quality Management 3 cr
  • BEC113-Micro economics 3 cr
  • BEC114-Macroeconomics 3 cr
  • BBC115-Business Communication 3 cr
  • BFI116-Financial Accounting 3 cr
  • BAC117-Managerial Accounting 3 cr
  • BIS118-Management Information Systems 3 cr
  • BBA119-Writing a Business Plan 3 cr
  • BFI121-International Finance 3 cr
  • BMK122-Global Marketing  3 cr
  • BGB123-Global Business Management 3 cr
  • BMK124-Digital Marketing  3cr
  • BMK125-New Product Planning and Development  3cr
  • BMK126Service Marketing  3cr
  • BMK127Entrepreneurial Marketing  3cr
  • BMK128-Business to Business Marketing  3cr
  • BMK129-Sustainable Marketing  3cr
  • BMK130Global Logistics  3cr
  • BHR131-Compensation & Benefits 3cr
  • BHR132-Employee Selection 3cr
  • BHR133-Performance Management  3cr
  • BHR134-Equal Employment Opportunity 3cr
  • BHR135-Talent Management and Career Development  3cr
  • BHR136-Human Resource Analytics  3cr
  • BMK136-Pricing Strategies  3cr
  • BHR137-Staff Training & Development 3cr
  • BBA204-Business Law I
  • BBA205-College Algebra  3cr
  • BMG227-Principles of Management  3cr
  • BBA229-Business Law II
  • BBA370-Internship in Business 3 cr.


  • BMK120- Marketing Plan 3cr
  • BCS137- Intro to Computer Science and Programming

  • BCS138-Computer Networking Fundamental
  • BCS139-Data Management
  • BCS140- Management Information System
  • BCS141- Operating System
  • BSC142- Programing Languages
  • BSC143-Advanced Database Management
  • BSC144- Business Information Security
  • BFI200- Financial Institution and Market  3cr
  • BFI201-Personal Financial Management 3cr
  • BMB202- Money, Credit and Banking  3cr
  • BIN203-Risk and Insurance  3cr
  • BFI204-Corporate Finance  3cr
  • BFI206-Financial Analysis and Planning  3cr
  • BFI207-Investment Finance  3cr
  • BFI208-Entrepreneurial Finance  3cr
  • BFI209-Principles of Real Estate Finance  3cr
  • BFI210-Public Financial Management  3cr
  • BOM211-Operations Management  3cr
  • BBA213-Seminar in Global Business
  • BFI214-Internship in Finance  9cr
  • BMK215-Marketing Management
  • BMK 217- Marketing Research and Information System  3cr
  • BMK218- Green Marketing 3cr
  • BMK219-Marketing Analytics  3cr
  • BMK220-Promotional Policies and Strategies  3cr
  • BMK222-E-Marketing  3cr
  • BBA226- Special Topics in Business Administration  3cr
  • BHR300-Human Resource Management 3 cr
  • BHR301-Planning and Staffing Strategy  3cr
  • Fields of Concentration: Eight (8) courses for each- see Concentration catalog

Undergraduate Admission Requirements/Conditions for Admission:

To be admitted to a Bachelor degree program, candidates MUST have a High School diploma (BAC) or its equivalency, or the BTS, and transcripts. After they are accepted, ALL applicants MUST take the University’s English test to evaluate their proficiency in English. The Bachelor degree program in Business Administration is available in French and in English.  Candidates who wish to enroll in the English version of the program but have a low score on the English language proficiency test MUST study English for SIX (6) months at AUCI’s Intensive Language Institute (ILI) BEFORE they are accepted in the English version of the BBA program. After the English test, candidates with a low score who wish to pursue their studies of Business Administration in French can enroll directly in the French version of the program. The knowledge of the English language is required for ALL students before they finish their program of study.

Required Materials                                                                                                                                                                                                       To be considered for admission, candidates MUST satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Submit an Application Form
  2. Submit Official high school or BTS diploma and transcripts
  3. Take the University’s English language proficiency test
  4. Submit a Non-refundable application fee of 25.000F CFA                                                                                                                                                                       Conditions to Obtain the Bachelor Degree: 120 credits (40 courses) for holders of BAC diploma or its equivalency. These can be obtained in 3 and 1/2 to 4 years of studies- MAXIMUM of 5 years with permission in case of emergency;  60-90 credits (20-30 courses) for holders of BTS diploma or its equivalency . These can be obtained in 1 and 1/2 to 2 years of studies- MAXIMUM of 3 years with permission in case of emergency; A Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 / 4.0,   or 70/100 at the end of their studies.                                                                                                                                       ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY REQUIREMENT: ALL students MUST demonstrate knowledge of the English language to obtain their Bachelor degree. English courses are available outside of programs leading to a Bachelor or Master degree. Students MAY take one (1) English course each session. For BAC diploma holders, a minimum of Ten (10) English courses is required to meet the language proficiency requirement and obtain a Bachelor degree. For BTS degree holders, a minimum of Six (6) English courses is required. IMPORTANT: English-proficient students may be exempted from this requirement.

    Bachelor of Arts in English Applied to Business Administration (BAE)-

    BAE Major: 28 Courses or 84 Credits;   Minor: 12 Courses or 36 Credits